Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reprint This! Bat Lash

How in the hell did we get to 2008 without seeing a collection of the original Bat Lash series? I feel like I'm living on Bizarro world when I can buy a Ghost Rider Team-Up collection but no Bat Lash. The original series is sooooo good - funny, charming and totally engaging. Some of the stories were reprinted piecemeal in the early 70s, but they deserve a full blown gorgeous collection. I don't need an Archives volume, but just an attractive TPB to proudly place on my bookshelf. If DC needs a bit more material, I'd include Bat Lash's guest appearance along side Scalphunter for a couple of entertaining issues of Weird Western, as well as the two Dan Spiegle drawn back-ups from Jonah Hex in the early 80s. Probably best to leave out the JLA appearances and Showcase #100 as those are a bit too far off the beaten path. I don't know much about marketing, but wouldn't the fact that DC has a new Bat Lash series make this the perfect time for a Bat Lash collection? Perhaps it's just too obvious for those brainiacs at DC to see.

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Scott said...

I'm reading this several months after you wrote it, but There is an essential Bat Lash listed on Amazon as upcoming.