Friday, June 20, 2008

3 Songs to Dowload for June

The other day I was listening to one of the songs on this list and I got to thinking about great duets that might have slipped under the radar, but would please your iPod a great deal. I'm talking one-offs here, otherwise the list would be full of Otis Redding/Carla Thomas stuff. Here are a few you might not have heard before - or at least in a little while:

Sometimes Always: Jesus and Mary Chain w/ Hope Sandoval
When I was an undergrad student living in Montreal, I listened to Mazzy Star all the time and was 99% convinced I'd marry Hope Sandoval one day. My life headed in a different direction, but I'll bet I still listen to this lovely song at least once a month. It's a mid-tempo heart breaker. One of the best songs of the 90s

4% Pantomime - The Band with Van Morrison
For my money, Richard Manuel has just about the best 'white soul' voice ever, and Van the Man ain't far behind. This is a great, raunchy collaboration likely recorded in the wee hours of the morning. How can you not love a song that gives a shout out to 'Johnny Walker Red'?

This is the Picture (Excellent Birds) - Peter Gabriel & Laurie Anderson
I'm talking about the version that was included as the last song on the So cassette (it wasn't on the vinyl). It's a great little bit of accessible performance art rock; quirky without being nauseating. A true collaboration by two innovative artists. It's artsy but not humourless.


M W Gallaher said...

I *love* "Excellent Birds"! Did you know that Laurie also released a version on one of her albums? Both hers and Peter's were built up from the same basic tracks (so they both provide vocals for each of the two versions), but each artist contributes some unique sonic elements to their own version, so it's quite worthwhile to give 'em *both* a listen.

TS said...

Ditto the love for "Excellent Birds", guys; that song and "Language is a Virus" convinced me to get crackin' and buy Anderson's incredible Strange Angels in '89, which I have somehow lost track of over the years (I think my ex kept it; I'd rather not think about it).

Slightly off teh subject here, but did you realize that Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed finally got married in April? Wow!