Friday, February 04, 2011

Reprint This! War is Hell

Now this would make for an interesting collection! The first half dozen issue of this series consisted of Atlas-era reprints from titles such as Battle Action, Battle and Battleground (hmmm, do I detect a theme?). This is a great opportunity to get familiar with some of the lesser known members of the Atlas bullpen such as Vic Carrabotta and George Woodbridge along with some true legends like Al Williamson and Jay Scott Pike. For some reason, the series featured a couple of random Sgt. Fury reprint issues before entering a phase consisting of some interesting new material. The protagonist, John Kowalski, is something along the lines of a WW2 era Deadman. His spirit moves from body to body, dying over and over again. I've only read one issue, but it was quite good. Many of the stories were written by Chris Claremont and artists include Val Mayerik and Herb Trimpe. They've reprinted just about everything from this era, so why not throw me a bone with this one?


Schoonaert said...

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. "Reprint This!" "Hidden Gems" and "Single Issue Hall of Fame" are all favorites of mine. Thanks for giving me something new to hunt for at the local comic shop.


Scott M said...

Thanks for the kind words. They are very much appreciated. I'm glad that some of my suggestions are helping you track down good reads.

Blair said...

Weird that I just bought a copy of this recently!