Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Add It To My Want List: Lone Ranger #24

Some of you may know that I am a pretty big Dell's Lone Ranger series. I started collecting issues with painted covers (blue shirts only please - had to draw the line somewhere) and have slowly amassed more than 50 of them. I have always known that Gold Key had a Lone Ranger series in the 70s, but always assumed that they were reprints. I scanned the GCD cover gallery and noticed some new images and I can only guess that these must have some new material. Even if they don't, those are still new covers so I want them. Badly. I will start my collection of these new covers with issue #24 because I absolutely adore the hot air balloon scene. I'm going to It is completely incongruous with a traditional Lone Ranger tale, but also perfectly in step with the fun tone of the series. I can only guess that George Wilson was responsible for this one, as he was the master of the painted cover at Gold Key during this period.


Anonymous said...

Your post prompted me to consider buying two very early issues of Gold Key's Lone Ranger at the local shop. They were from 1967 and had real nice painted covers.

But the stories inside were Gold Key's typical bland, dull stuff. Not sucky-bad, mind you. But when I look at Gold Key comics I have to wonder who they thought their audience was for those kinds of books. Gold Key probably never looked at any of the Marvels and DC's that they were competing with.

I always enjoy your column. Sometimes you turn me on to real good stuff.

Scott M said...

I know that it's a matter of taste. Those old stories with Tom Gill artwork really works for me, but I can understand why it wouldn't appeal to everyone.

Four-Color Kid said...

I recently bought a few Gold Key BONANZAs and must say Tom Gill is not my favorite artist.

I love the TV series, but Gill's art is horrible on this series. He can draw generic cowboys in a bland manner, but he fails to capture the actors distinct features.

Pernell Roberts's Adam Cartwright and Micheal Landon's Little Joe features are generic and interchangeable. The worst is my favorite character in the series, good old Hoss who, under Gill's pen looks like a clownish Fatty Arbuckle! Only Lorne Greene's Ben Cartwright is recognizeable in the comic book.

Stories are badly paced as well, but I don't know if this is due to Gaylord Dubois scripts, or to Gill's layout or storytelling ability.

In fact, Gold Key's BONANZA is one of the wort western comics I have read. So I don,t think I will get into old LONE RANGER comics soon.

I can't wait to see the long awaited collection of LONE RANGER comic strip by the team of Cary Bates and the awesome Russ Heath though.