Saturday, September 03, 2011

You've Been Warned: What If? (vol. 2) #37

I like Wolverine, I really do. Hell, my son's name is Logan. What I do not like, however, is the over saturation of the character that occurred in the early 90s. I really enjoyed the original run of What If? back when I was a kid, as most of the stories were wonderful tweaks to Marvel history. So, as a high school student, I was delighted to see that the concept had been relaunched. The problem wih this new incarnation was that it was followed all of the trends of the day. This particular issues springboards from What If? #24, from the previous year, which was not a terribly great story dealing with X-vampires. This one is far worse, as it is really just a series of battles and poor dialogue delivered on splash pages by yet another Liefeld clone, this one know as Marc Pacella. Forgive me if he's gone on to do wonderful things, but the artwork here is horrendous. With stories such as this, I cannot understand how this volume far outlasted its predecessor.


Marcelo Baez said...

Love your blog!! Especially "Hidden Gems" great stuff!

BenoƮt Leblanc said...

"The problem wih this new incarnation was that it was followed all of the trends of the day."

Yep, that's exactly why I don't care for the second volume of What if..? although I consider vol. 1 to be a classic. I'm afraid that this volume lasted longer because it did understand its readership: for every fan of comics history, wondering what might have happened if Tony Stark had given armors to all the Avengers in Avengers #1, there were ten others who preferred to have some extra helping of Inferno with an even higher body count. In comics as in anything, alas... crap sells.

That volume does have my favorite Rob Liefeld art, full of awkward but energetic enthusiasm.

Scott M said...

Thanks for the kind works, Marcelo - they are much appreciated.

Ben, as is always the case, you are 100% correct.

Dan said...

A year or so ago I finally managed to complete my run of the first volume, & every now & then I've glanced at covers of the 2nd volume to see if a similar effort would be warranted. Sounds like my instincts are right in holding off.

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