Monday, July 08, 2013

Hidden Gems: Marvel Super Special #29

Sometimes a little research can go a long way. Had I looked into this one more carefully, I would have bought it years ago. For some reason, I had always assumed this was an adaptation of the Christopher Lambert starring movie (or even worse, the Miles O'Keeffe starring one!). I was wrong, so very wrong. This fine magazine contains a wonderful adaptation of the first half of the initial ERB book. Like any sane person, I'm a big Mark Evanier and Dan Spiegle team, but had no idea that they had worked on this. As far as adaptations go, it is quite faithful and Spiegle excels at mutinous seamen and angry apes. I have the magazine edition, but it was also published as a two-part standard sized micro series. Does anyone know the story behind this book? Was it an aborted start to the start of something larger? I have a feeling that's there is more to the story.


Anonymous said...

My guess---this was something done for the European market originally.

Cherokee Jack

Four-Color Kid said...

I made the same asumption you did about a probable connection with a movie or tv tie-in.

Too bad they weren't more of these, I love the Evanier-Spiegle team as well. I even started to hunt down those Gold Key Scooby Doo issues they did, even though I'm not really into the Mystery Van gang.

Thanks for sharing the info Scott.
Will keep an eye open for this.