Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Highlighting House Ad: Ozma of Oz

For me, some of the most fascinating house ads are for projects that never came to fruition. I am a big fan of the two Treasury sized Oz books, as Baum's work is perfectly suited to an over sized Four Color treatment. As I understand, Marvel was under the false impression that Ozma was in the public domain and have Roy Thomas and Alfredo Alcala work on the adaptation. The whole thing was scrapped when it was revealed that there was indeed a rightsholder. I a
m not sure if the pages were all completed and, if so, where they are now. I'm certain Thomas would have covered this at some point in the pages of Alter Ego.

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Anonymous said...

All the pages and the cover were completed, and, in fact, work had begun on Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, the next book in the series. Unfortunately, the whereabouts of anything other than a poorly scanned copy of 2/3 of the pages is unknown.