Friday, October 11, 2013

Add It to My Want List: Attack #48

While trying to sort out art credits for some recently purchased Charlton war comics I noticed this doozy on the Grand Comics Database. All Wally Wood art? A Jack Kirby cover? Count me in! There is some talk that one story is just Wood inking Bill Molno (likely, my least favourite Charlton artist), and I am guessing that much of the heavy lifting was by Wood's assistants, but I can live with that. This is the final issue, and you folks know that I love those. The thing is, sometimes these 80s Charlton books can be tricky to find, but the fun is in the hunt, isn't it?


Neil Anderson said...

Amazing--I didn't know Kirby did any work for Charlton. I love Tom Sutton's stories for the Charlton war mags.

Four-Color Kid said...

As far as I know, Jack Kirby never worked directly for Charlton.

In the 1950's, Jack Kirby with his then partner Joe Simon, after being burned by both Timely (Marvel) and DC, started their own comic book publishing company: MAINLINE. It managed to get out 17 issues total spreaded in 4 different titles (FOXHOLE, BULLSEYE, IN LOVE, POLICE TRAP) before the whole Wertham witch hunt of the mid-fifties made them an unfortunate casualty.

Charlton, then bought the inventory of the unpublished issues and continued all 4 series for 2 more issues (under the Charlton imprint), except for FOXHOLE (from where this Kirby cover originates) that apparently had enough material for 3 issues.

Scott M said...

FCK is right

These are all inventory from Mainline. That's how some of that stuff wound up at Charlton.