Friday, October 11, 2013

You've Been Warned: Green Arrow #8

I am not really thrilled with what DC has done with the New 52, but I will follow Oliver Queen just about anywhere so I scooped up a few discounted trades. Over time, I have learned that I am not a huge fan of Ann Nocenti's writing. I know that many fans love her work on Daredevil, but it never really did much for me at all. Nocenti is trying to do something great here, as she references both King Lear and Dr. Moreau in the same story arc. In the end, however, it fails to be anything more than a mindless punch up with poorly fleshed out characters - the new Ollie chief among them. The artwork is beyond atrocious, sacrificing storytelling for ridiculous poses. It represents just about everything I cannot stand about today's comics and it is such a shame that this has happened to a character with such a strong track record. Jeff Lemire has taken over the series, so I look forward to catching up with his work on it to help cleanse the palate.


R.W. Castro-Miller said...

What did you think about the earlier New 52 Green Arrow issues by J.T. Krull? (Isn't he a Robert E. Howard character?) So far, I haven't liked anything they've done with Ollie in the New 52, besides his little appearances in Justice League of America. Even that is far from the Oliver Queen we all know and love.

Scott M said...

I agree - I'm two and a half trades in and I'm not loving new Ollie.

I'll keep trying, though!