Monday, September 29, 2008

3 Songs to Download for September

The early 70s was a great time for loose, crunchy rock 'n roll. Over the past decades a few bands have attempted to channel all of that early 70s greatness. Here are some examples of fine neo-Honky Tonk Rockers that you should give a try.

Why I Lie - Liz Phair
Ironically, not from her "Exile in Guyville" album, which was crafted in a way to mirror the early 70s Stones. This song, from the sadly ignored Somebody's Miracle album, would fit right in with Mick and Keef's catalog. Crank it, and enjoy.

Rum & Whatever - She Stole My Beer
This is a great, fun song from a Canadian bar band that never quite made it big. It's a fun romp as the song's protagonist tries to make it through rehab without ever sobering up. Imagine Jimmy Buffet fronting Grand Funk Railroad and you'll get the picture.

Minnesoter - Dandy Warhols
This is just a fantastically fantastic song that always pumps me up. It's as if a long lost Faces song had been discovered and remastered with bit of a late 90s sensibility. It's raunchy, rude and very endearing.

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