Thursday, September 04, 2008

You've Been Warned: Justice League of America #84

There are actually plenty of candidates for this feature during the Denny O'Neil and Mike Friedrich runs, but nothing is kind as insanely insane as this Robert Kanigher penned story that fill the gap between those two eras. I probably needn't tell you more than the fact that the central character is a professor who has developed some sort of super serum that can pacify savages. What? Savages? This is 1970, right? Unless Kanigher is somehow channeling ERB, this is just wrong, especially when compared to all of the 'relevant' stuff from O'Neil and Friedrich. Anyhow, - somehow this guy is also about the win the Nobel Prize (for 'Most Paternalistic Invention'?).

With me so far? Unfortunately, as happens to so many of the top scientists, he's not 100% right in the head and his 'peace' serum is actually more of a 'war mongering' serum. He's hoping that everyone in the world will die and he can start over with his unlucky lady friend as the new Adam and Eve. She's not thrilled with the plan assist the JLA. In the end, however, it's not the JLA who defeats the madman, but rather his Franksteinesque creation. Wait, didn't I mention him before? I guess that's because he kind of appears out of nowhere. If you're head isn't hurting enough at this stage, let me add that Kanigher decides to bring in a little bit of his famous disregard for continuity by shaking up a boring monitor duty session with a smooch between Batman and Black Canary. I'd like to say that this is all so bad that it's good, buy even my uber-ironic mind can't go that far.

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