Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Steve Ditko Cover of the Week: Beware the Creeper #5

Here it is; Ditko's final Creeper cover (Gil Kane would produce a very similar cover for #6). So much to love here. For fans of Ditko water (first made famous by Spider-Man #32), it is here by the gallon. What I really love about this one, though is the Creeper's face and head. There is something about the deep set eyes and full lips are really something we don't see too often with a Ditko face. There is real depth and texture here. The hair is also phenomenal - I love the way he's portrayed Proteus grabbing a handful of the Creeper's hair. There is just so much drama in that small portion of the cover. Great, great stuff.

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Shamus said...

Superb. I love it when ditko used line work to build up texture and dimension