Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Single Issue Hall of Fame: Atom #6

As I've said on here before, The Atom is one of my favourite series of all-time. There are, however, some individual issues that stand out like a shining star. Atom #6 is not a particularly important issue - no major guest stars or villain introductions. It's just good old fashioned Silver Age storytelling courtesy of Messrs. Fox, Kane and Anderson. The first story is a nice little detective story, as the Atom helps to clear the name of a magician's assistant who has been framed a for a robbery. That's a plot you just don't see anymore. The second story is the real highlight as it features the Time Pool. I'm a big Time Pool nut, as I think it was a superb device for generating some very imaginary plots. In this one, the Atom travels to the 18th Century and helps capture Dick Turpin, the Highwayman (he also discovers that he may be related - Yikes!). It's just a lot of Silver Age fun and a standout issue in a fine, fine series.

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