Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Steve Ditko Cover of the Week: This Magazine is Haunted #21

We're back to pre-code Charlton this week, folks - and I've picked a true classic. Ditko did many fantastic covers for this title, but this one is definitely among my favourites. We get the feeling that we're acting as voyeurs, witnessing some secret ceremony. The two voodoo dolls in the foreground help to keep us concealed. You actually feel as though you're in a cave, waiting for your eyes to adjust to the darkness. After a while, you notice the shrunken heads peeking out of the box. It is superbly designed, and I only wish that the colorist had chosen a less garish shade of yellow for the main figure. This was the final issue of this series (which was brought over from Fawcett), until a post-Code version was launched in 1957.

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