Thursday, March 12, 2009

You've Been Warned: Freedom Fighters #11

Picking the weakest issue of Freedom Fighters is like trying to pick the worst Pauly Shore movie; too many serious contenders. This series is very disappointing, as convoluted plots and dull artwork really hamper the development of some potentially interesting characters. This particular story revolves around four disgruntled Native Americans who are struck by lightning and develop powers and rob a bank. I'd say that the way things are presented is offensive to Native Americans, but really it's offensive to just about anyone. One of the bad guys (Tall Tree) is definitely an Apache Chief prototype, so that's cool, I guess. Bob Rozakis' story is all over the place, and the only potentially interesting bit, and argument between Uncle Sam and the Human Bomb, just dies. For me, Dick Ayers is someone who needs a very, very strong inker. Jack Abel does little more than trace here, and the artwork's flatness doesn't do anything to help with the ridiculous story. I'm shocked that this series lasted as long as it did during a time when far superior DC books were cancelled after 3 or 4 issues. Avoid with extreme prejudice.


Blair said...

You're so right about this,Scott! I bought a copy of #6 for £1 (about 50 cents then) round about the time of the 'from ideas by Grant Morrison' re-launch (circa 2006?)Even at that price I was ripped off! Terrible, terrible comic.

Scott M said...

I find myself to be able to see something positive in almost any comic, but this entire series just leaves me feeling annoyed.

Argo Plummer said...

I have owned most of not all of this series twice in my life. I bought them off the racks in grocery, convenience, and drug stores when I was young because I loved any DC super team.

BTW, wasn't it a great era when you could buy all kinds of comics at these places. Yeah, sure, you weren't guaranteed getting every issue, but the world seemed simpler when I could do my comic shopping while my Mom was picking up eggs and milk.

Anyway, I rebought them (the first run fell prey to my pre-collector habits) in college because I had fond memories of them. Memory is trick. These were terrible and I eventually sold them.

However, I can't say I wouldn't pick them up again for the right price. How sick am I?

Daniel Graves said...

It was one of those series that SHOULD have been good. I think it is just because we keep hoping we were wrong about how bad it really was!

Izbot said...

>sigh< What can one say about Bob Rozakis? I still don't know how this guy ever got hired as a superhero writer! To be fair, he did pen some of my favorite Batman Family back-ups (particularily Man-Bat) but his goofy ideas often backfired. I also wished Freedom Fighters had been a good title. :(