Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Single Issue Hall of Fame: Green Lantern/Green Arrow #87

Issues #76, 85 and 86 may be the most famous and infamous books from the legendary O'Neil/Adams/Giordano run on GL/GA, but for my money #87 is the best of the bunch. I re-read my copy last night, and I'm still very impressed by just how much they managed to pack into a single book. The introduction of John Stewart is handled very well. It's a bit ham-fisted at times, but I'm pretty impressed by how well they fleshed out his character in so few pages, and it was great to see a crime solved by mental power and not ring power. Ollie's classic 'What Can One Man Do?' story is truly one of the best stories of the 'relevant' era. It's a very impressive debut for Elliot S! Maggin. Finally, the reprint is a neat one - focusing on Abin Sur with a story from GL #16. The real treat that is lost when reading this book via reprint is the letters page. Letters re. issue #85 are starting to pour in, and it's fascinating to see the reaction to that book at the time. Perhaps DC should do one final Omnibus of the entire run with all letter included. I'd buy that, but for now his book has earned its place in the HOF.

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