Thursday, April 30, 2009

You've Been Warned: Justice League America #94

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Remember how great this series was when it was first launched? It broke all conventions and was a real breath of fresh air in the DCU. Well, I guess that couldn't be sustained as the quality on this series plummeted through the years, hitting rock bottom at the end of 1994 with this issue. Gerard Jones' story about Kara's strange little 'immaculate conception' child is hard enough to understand without being further impeded by Chuck Wojtkiewicz's artwork. It is a lesson in everything that was bad about a lot of 90s comic book art - bloated, indulgent and very, very difficult to follow. I'm not one of those 'look at the screwed up anatomy' kind of guys - but this is a disaster. As further proof of how little care was put into this book - there's a fairly obvious error on the letters page, and the cover shown in the 'Next Month' blurb is this cover. I can't believe I stuck with this series for such a long time.


Argo Plummer said...

I love the Justice League and have a nearly complete run with a few gaps. This period is where one of my gaps occurs because the books were so bad. I have only not bought JLA about 3 times in my nearly 35 years of comic collecting, and this is one of them. I'm not even sure if I own this issue or not as it was around this time that I stopped. If I see these issues in quarter boxes, I will pick them up for completeness sake, but I wouldn't spend any more than that on them and might not even read them. Ouch, such terrible comics!

the4thpip said...

It was a rip-off of the horrible "Ms Marvel's overnight pregnancy" from Avengers 200, too!

mlm said...

As terrific as that series of Justice League began, it ended equally as bad. Wait, not just bad, but unreadable. And I say that having re-read that series (along with JLE) last year, but I was limited to skimming the last 25-30 issues of that run, from awful art by both Wojtkiewicz and Campos to terrible writing by Jones and Vado, revolving door cast of members, truly awful comics there.