Friday, June 19, 2009

Comic Book Robot of the Month: Battle-Rob Van Winkle

Obviously, there are a lot of cool robots in the Magnus, Robot Fighter series, but this old Battle-Rob from Magnus, Robot Fighter #8 is certainly one of my favourites. Awakened by a bunch of meddlesome kids known as the 'Outsiders', the Battle-Rob is still programmed to kill all humans. He's a bit like those Japanese soldiers that didn't know WW2 had ended. The Battle-Rob takes over the weather station, and North Am's perfect climate isn't quite so perfect any more. There a particular great moment where Magnus states that he's having such a tough time taking out this Battle-Rob because it doesn't have neck. Sadly, our time lost Rob is destroyed, but it may be for the best, as his friends and family had been dead an buried for a thousand years.


Richard Gagnon said...

Isn't "Rob Van Winkle" Vanilla Ice's real name?

You're going to confuse some of his fans with your Magnus nonsense. ;)

Scott M said...

Nice - I was hoping that someone would catch that! My sense of humour is getting worse with age.