Monday, June 08, 2009

Single Issue Hall of Fame: Creepy #8

The superb Gray Morrow cover informs the reader that they are in for a real treat with Creepy #8 (April, 1966). There's a full lineup of all-star artists on board for this one - one of the best collection of artists ever to work on a Warren Mag. Leading off, Read Crandall is a good fit for the Victorian setting of "The Coffin of Dracula" - an entertaining tale by Archie Goodwin that starts where Stoker left off. I was also very impressed by the George Evans drawn "Death Plane" as well as "The Mountain", done in a very atmospheric wash by Johnny Craig (as Jay Taycee). Joe Orlando joins the EC reunion with an Adam Link story and the rest of the book is filled out with strong stories drawn by Manny Stallman (love that guy!), Gene Colan and George Tuska. I'm still amazed by the talent that worked on these early issues. I know that most of these stories have been reprinted elsewhere - but it's worth tracking this one down and paying a few extra buck for it. A true Hall of Famer.

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