Friday, June 26, 2009

Hidden Gems: Mystery in Space #115

This issue comes from the short-lived revival of DC's flagship sci-fi title. Like any anthology book, there varying degrees of quality throughout the series. This issue, however, is worth checking out for a couple of reason. First, there is a wonderfully subversive Steve Ditko-drawn story, in which a justifiably disgruntled man chooses not to bring peace to Earth when given the chance. It packs a whole lot of punch for a mere 3-pager. Secondly, this issue feature one of the very first American comic book stories drawn by Brian Bolland. His entry, 'Certified Safe' is an intriguing tale written by Arnold Drake, who adds just the right amount of black humour. It's just gorgeous work by Bolland, and it's a shame that this tale isn't better known. If you see this one in a dollar bin - don't pass it up.

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