Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back to eBay

Well, it looks like we need to get our chimney repaired. The problem with 100 year old houses is that the brick starts to show its age, putting the people, cars and pets below in peril. I'm heading back to eBay to try to raise some funds. I'm not normally the type to shill for my own stuff, but I will be selling off some stuff that may be of interest to readers of this blog. Things have been selling for a fraction of Guide, so it will likely all be quite affordable.

It will be a wide variety of stuff from the 50s through the 80s (I've already sold many of my true jewels, so this is more the 'quirky' stuff). There will be some Marvel and DC stuff, but also some Dell, Gold Key, Charlton and Tower for those folks with an eye for the unusual. My seller ID is sma12e - and I'll be throwing 10-20 books per week up there until mid-November or so. I haven't quite decided just what to sell, so I'll be spending some quality time re-reading some old favourites before setting them free.



Man of Bronze said...

It always hurts me a little when I hear a fellow comic book lover as to part from pieces of his collection for financial reasons.

I will certainly look up you auctions Scott, especially since you seem to be able to dig up the most obscure stuff. Plus, since I am a fellow canadian so the shipping cost is affordable.

I hope you get a good price on all of your auctions so you will not have to part with too many of your precious gems.

Scott M said...


I've sold quite a bit in the past, and will buy again in the future when finances straighten themselves out.

It's just the circle of life.

I just thought I'd give a heads up in case anyone was interested. I feel kind of sleazy about posting that kind of stuff - but I know that some folks are always hunting for good, cheap book.

Argo Plummer said...

Dude, it's your site. Do what you want / need. Most of us have either been in your position before or will be soon. Those of us who can help out are happy to and and the very least can sympathize with your situation. I too am selling off parts of my collection to pad our savings so that my wife can take a step back from work. That being said, I did look at your ebay stuff and am considering bidding on some of the Creeper books. Good luck with everything. As always, love the blog.