Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You've Been Warned: Star Wars #22

I love Archie Goodwin, I really do. He's one of the greatest writers ever to work in funnybooks, but everyone has a bad day. I know that half the problem with the Star Wars series is that Marvel was so hamstrung by Lucasfilm's controls and restrictions that story arc options were limited. That being said, there's really no excuse for something this bad. Han and Chewie are stuck in some sort of virtual space royal rumble, while all of the other character engage in extremely dull and overly wordy dialogue. I'll also point an accusing finger at Carmine Infantino. This is pretty close to the nadir of his career, and his work is extremely ill-suite to this series. The action sequences are poorly designed. I think I could draw a better Wookie. There's a cliffhanger ending, but it did not resonate with me, as I was simply happy to be done with this one.


Andrew Wahl said...


I'm not a particularly big Carmine Infantino fan, but for some reason his art on Star Wars actually worked for me (especially the issues inked by Terry Austin). Maybe it's because he wasn't worried about getting the characters to look like the actors, instead content with making them sketchy, angley Infantino people : )

Haven't read this particular issue yet. Hope to soon.


Trebro said...

Why is there a man in baggy brown pajamas attacking a disco dancer on this cover?