Tuesday, June 15, 2010

#11 - Top 12 Favorite Comic Book Short Stories

People In Glass Houses Shouldn't Hurt Hulks! - Incredible Hulk #262 (August, 1981)
Bill Mantlo & Sal Buscema - 10 pages

One of two great stories from one of my all-time favourite comic books. As it was the lead, I was convinced it would surpass our 12 page limit. Lucky day. This one haunted me the entire summer of '82. Bruce Banner washes up on a beach in Malibu and is taken in by a benefactor with a sinister secret. This one plays out like a really good Twilight Zone episode. I found the whole concept to be truly horrifying. Sal Buscema did an amazing job of conveying the look of terror on the faces of the 'statues'. The one in the pool really freaked me out. I think this one messed up my ability to trust beautiful women.


Matt Bird said...

I love this story! Mantlo and Buscema are at their best on this one. I'm the one crank over at Comics Should Be Good who is constantly insisting in the comments that this run on Hulk deserves a place alongside Marvel's most celebrated early '80s runs. Stories like this and "They Call The Wind Pariah" from #168 are the reason why. Spooky, deeply felt stories that speak to universal hopes and fears in a way that's equally accessible to kids and adults.

Scott M said...

Good to see I'm not the only one that likes this story and this stretch of books. The 'back-up' here is nearly as good.

Mark said...

Wasn't this the issue with the orphan Dire Wraith? I wasn't too fond of that but I remember liking this one. Bruce Banner actually wore non-purple pants.