Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Who Drew this Story from Young Love #59?

I'm back from my vacation with a question about a story from 1967; "The Truth About Men" from Young Love #59. I love the artwork on this story, it is just so stunningly beautiful and moves seamlessly from panel to panel. I'm normally pretty good when it comes to spotting artists, but I start to second guess myself when it comes to DC Romance (unless it's Colan or Sekowsky). Can someone help me out here? Ms. Nodell?


MDG14450 said...

Jay Scott Pike?

Scott M said...

That was my initial thought - but I'm used to seeing more 'almond' shaped eyes and broader 'square jaws' from him. Maybe this was Giordano inked? Would the timing work on that?

Frank Langford is another DC romance artist whom I can never properly ID, but I love everything I've seen him do.

James Ladd said...

Could it be Jose Delbo?

Irene Vartanoff said...

Jay Scott Pike, no question. Might have had some help.

Man of Bronze said...

Welcome back Scott!
Did you had a nice trip?

Jacque Nodell said...

I am coming late to the conversation, but yes, that would be Pike.

Langford's work is pretty stylized and rather easy to recognize once you have seen a few stories. I love his work as well!!!

I hope your trip was great! Welcome back!

Scott M said...

Thanks all.

JSP it is then. A reminder that I should always trust my instincts. The cover (from the splash) should looked like his work, as well as some of the later pages - but something here just didn't click for me. Perhaps it was another inker. I've always been more exposed to his 50s work for Atlas lately, and it isn't as crisp and gorgeous as this stuff.

My trip was great - thanks. Two weeks of sunshine in the south of France. I'll probably be doing a disproportionate number of wine reviews in the near future.