Monday, November 15, 2010

Add It To My Want List: Lassie (1978)

For quite a while now, I've been collecting issues from the Dell/Gold Key Lassie series. This title ran for 70 issues, stretched out over nearly two decades. I'm probably only a quarter of the way to completing my run, as various comic book purchasing moratoriums have slowed my progress. What I have read thus far, however, has been incredibly entertaining. The roster of artists on this title is remarkable as it includes luminaries such as Ralph Mayo, Jerry Robinson, Matt Baker and Dan Spiegle. I recently became aware of this 224 page volume published by Golden in 1978. Although I am not certain of its specific contents, I have read that it features a wide variety of stories from different eras in the title's history. On the other hand, I seem to remember reading about a slim volume that collected all of the Matter Baker issues (I think there were three). Could this be that book? Regardless of specifics, I want this book!

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