Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Hidden Gems: Ms. Tree #36

Fans of pre-Code crime books and/or pulpy private eyes are likely already aware of this book. For those of you looking for something different the next time you are perusing the bins at a convention, keep an eye out for this book. On its own, Ms. Tree is an excellent series and can often be found for relative peanuts. Beginning with this issue, this series began featuring reprints of the terrific Johnny Dynamite strip, initially published by Comic Media in the early 50s. This is comic noir at its finest, with superbly rendered stories by Pete Morisi. This issue actually a contemporary (and retired, but not retiring) Johnny Dynamite in the within Ms. Tree story "When Dynamite Explodes", along with a Johnny Dynamite reprint. Now that's what I call a back-up feature! The Johnny Dynamite reprints would run throughout the remainder of Ms. Tree's time at Renegade Press. The original Comic Media (and later Charlton) books are very pricey to track down, so this is an affordable way to get your fix of the Wild Man from Chicago!

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