Thursday, January 27, 2011

Comic Book Robot of the Month: Subterranean Alient Robots

This robot, from an early Cave Carson adventure, is pretty indicative of why Marvel would ultimately surpass DC in terms of sales and creativity. It's not bad by mid-50s standards, but this was the early 60s and the design by veteran Bernard Baily is quite old fashioned. The 'bots being produced by Kirby, Ditko and Heck at the time were much more impressive. This one is pure MST3K material. As for its powers, they are quite nondescript. This robot, along with a few of his brethren, have been brought to Earth by aliens to help conquer mankind. They really don't do much except trample small buildings in a Godzillian manner. Sure, Andru & Esposito were pushing the robotic envelope with the Metal Men, but far too many DC robots of the 60s were like this one. Lame.

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