Thursday, January 06, 2011

Single Issue Hall of Fame: Super DC Giant #27

One of my favourite comics as a child remains one of my favourite comics to this day. I'm not the world's biggest Ernie Chan fan, but I have always loved this multi-paneled cover. I also really dig the cover logo (designed by ???), as it is very creative. It is certain to grab the attention of anyone with even the faintest interest in UFOs. This is a great sampler of the fun sci-fi stories cranked out by Otto Binder and Gardner Fox for Strange Adventures during the late 50s and early 60s. The artwork is phenomenal, and the reproduction quality is very good. The lead story with terrific artwork by Russ Heath really leaps off the page. You can see the beads of sweat on the astronauts brow. One of the real highlights here is the chance to see a couple of pencilling jobs by the underappreciated Sid Greene. If you're like me, you are more familiar with his work as an inker, but "The Man Who Grew Wings" and "The Riddle of Spaceman X" show that he was also an effective storyteller. It's great stuff all around, and a fine selection to the Hall of Fame.

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Man of Bronze said...

Good call!

The Julius Schwartz era of science fiction at DC NEVER fails to be an entertaining read for me.

The SUPER DC GIANT series had a few other choice issues. I love above all the western reprint issues (#14,15,22) and the Challengers of the Unknown issue (#25) that reprinted most (if not all?) of the Kirby stories he did in collaboration with Wally Wood on the inks.