Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Married With Clickers: Episode 5 - Richard III (1995)

Hey folks - looking for something to help pass the commute or workday? Try out the podcast I've been doing with my wife. This time around, we tackle Richard III from 1995. Will Ian McKellen's bravura performance help bring some levity to our winter of discontent? Tune in to find out as we take on some stylish Shakespeare this week. Don't worry, this isn't the Shakespeare you took in school as it features both Magneto and Iron Man. We also discuss the return of Parks & Recreation and the Bachelor Season (?). In terms of movies, Ip Man, Triangle and Solitary Man get some quick coverage. We also cross the 1 hour mark this time around, as we have some excellent voicemails. Send in your comments to marriedwithclickers (at) gmail.com or give us a shout at 206-338-7983 or 001-206-338-7983 (from the UK).

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