Friday, January 28, 2011

You've Been Warned: Ghost Rider #71

Ok, so it should not come as a huge shock that I am not a big fan of this book. I think that I am on record as saying that the mid-90s was the nadir of creativity at Marvel. So, what was I doing reading this book? Well, a local used bookstore has these '5 for $1' bundles. You can really only see the two outer books, and the rest is a surprise. 9 times out of 10, they are pretty terrible but I like to hold out hope for those hidden gems. What can I expect for a couple of dimes? I have a bit of nostalgia for the Danny Blaze circus-era Ghost Rider, but absolutely nothing about this book appealed to me. The artwork is brutal, as it has an Image School dropout feel to it. The dialogue was weak and the action sequences were extremely convoluted. Danny Ketch is as unappealing a protagonist as I've encountered in the funnybook world. I can understand why Marvel parachuted Wolverine into this series every 3 or 4 issues. I very rarely throw out comic book, but this one has hopefully serves a higher purpose by being recycled.


Jeremy A. Patterson said...

This was part of Marvel's mid-1990s 'dork age' of sorts!


Adam said...

Ah, good ol'BMV. I'm embarrassed to say that I've filled many a recycling bin with stuff I've bought from their five-for-a-buck bin.