Friday, September 28, 2012

Gil Kane Cover of the Month: Batman #180

When you think classic Batman covers from the 1960s, my guess is that you are likely to think that they were all pencilled by Neal Adams, Carmine Infantino and perhaps Irv Novick. When you look through a cover gallery from either Batman or Detective Comics, you'll note that Gil Kane was actually responsible for a handful of the most memorable covers. This one is a particular favourite of mine, as I spotted it in a house ad during my early years of Silver Age collection (this would have been circa 1981) and decided that I absolutely must have a copy.  What caught my attention back then? Well, the exact same things that catch my attention today. First, check out Death-Man. The character design is awesome, even if the name is a bit generic. Second, I absolutely adore the driving rain. Sure, Eisner and Ditko are the masters of water, but Kane is not far behind. Finally, I just love the layout, as the prone Robin in the foreground, staring helplessly at the reader creates a real sense of panic. Gorgeous stuff.


Four-Color Kid said...

Although it is a very nice cover, I wouldn't have recognized it as Gil Kane's work if you hadn't pointed it out Scott.

Was it inked by Joe Giella?

I much prefer Kane's later work, such as his great Bronze Age Marvel covers.

Mark said...

Is that the basis for Lord Deathman from Brave and the Bold?

Anonymous said...

I can only ever tell for sure its Kane if I can see the nose

BBriz said...

I don't know who did the interior artwork, but it is very primitive and stiff and surreal and classic in its own way. I love how Death Man never sheds his mask, even when he's in court ! No one seems to notice, or even think that he may have a secret identity. Or is that -really- his face ? Old Batman comics can be the strangest reads around.