Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Single Issue Hall of Fame: Battlefield #2

It could be argued that the pre-implosion bullpen at Atlas was as good as it gets. The talent pool was so deep that terrific artists such as Mac Pakula rarely warrant a mention. Some of the best work produced by these artists can be tough to track down, as they are scattered among the myriad of Atlas war books. If you're looking for a great example of the high calibre of work coming out of said bullpen; look no further than Battlefield #2. We start with a great cover by Russ Heath, showcasing the horrors of the Korean War. Check out that hand coming out of the ground! What I find most interesting about this era of war comics are the propaganda-soaked stories. The first story here is a great example of that, showing the North Korean soldiers as savages. Another intriguing aspects of this genre is the attempt to educate the reader. This issue has a rather haunting look at the atrocities of war, including a look at WW2 concentration camps. If you don't think Paul Reinmann is much of an artist, I urge you to check out this story. Also on the educational front is a look at various defensive walls through the ages, beautifully rendered by the aforementioned Mr. Heath. Yup, all of this and some Joe Maneely art to boot. If you happen upon an affordable copy of this book, I urge you to snap it up or check it out via the Marvel Masterworks volume. 

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