Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hidden Gems: Rawhide Kid #84

Hidden behind this rather nifty Herb Trimpe cover is a real treat. Westerns were beginning their long descent into obscurity at Marvel, and reprints abounded. I'm certain that back in 1971, your average Rawhide Kid fan was mighty sore when their favourite title turned to mainly reprints. Any of today's savvy comic book reader, however, knows that no two reprints are alike. This issue features 3 stories originally printed in Rawhide Kid #27 (April, 1962), pencilled by none other than Jack Kirby (with Dick Ayers inking). Those early Kirby Rawhide Kid issues costs a pretty penny these days, but this one can be had for far less. I'm trying to complete a run of Rawhide Kid, and picked up a VF copy on eBay for $1.99. If you've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to slap leather; this is it!

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