Friday, February 13, 2009

Hidden Gems: Secret Origins #4

This one is soooo good. If you don't own it already, track it down ASAP. DC's first Secret Origins series is a treasure trove for comic book fans, featuring reprints of the origin stories for many Golden and Silver Age heroes. In this world of Archives and Showcase Presents, many of these stories have been reprinted a number of times. As far as I know, there are no Vigilante or Kid Eternity collections in the works, so this is still your best and cheapest way to pick up these rare stories. Let me pause for a moment to mention the lovely Nick Cardy cover - very moody. The Vigilante story is from Action Comics #42 (November, 1941) and it's a real treat to see this early Mort Meskin artwork. Such a master! I find the inclusion of the Kid Eternity story to be interesting. The Quality heroes (save for Blackhawk and Plastic Man) had been in limbo since the 50s. Most were included in the JLA #107 story (published about the same time), but not Kid Eternity. And yet, he shows up here. Definitely one of the quirkiest strips of the 40s. It could only come from the mind of Otto Binder. If you see this one - grab it, as it's a nice little piece of history.

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Daniel Graves said...

I loved this old series. I believe I have the first three issues, but not this one. Thanks for the reminder... maybe I'll try to track it down.

When I was a kid in the 1970's I loved to get my hands on reprint books, that's why I loved those DC100 page special issues that came out from time to time, and the odd 80 page giant that I could find in a garage sale, or my Batman/Superman 30's to the 70's books. I recently came across and old DC supertars featuring Green Lantern (reprints) at a convention. I remember this was a comic at my grandmother's house and I read it over and over again.

It's nice that they are reprinting so much old stuff these days.

Fr. Dan