Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trade Marks: Starman Omnibus Volume 1

After buying a good chunk of the issues in floppies, I had put off buying any of the Starman trades. When I heard that the series would be published in Omnibus format, I was a little hesitant, wondering if it would be worth all of the extra cash I had to dole out. I found a good deal on-line and bit the bullet. It was a great decision. It was a real treat revisiting Opal City in such a nice format. For me, it took a half-dozen issues or so for the series to find its bearings, but when it shines – it shines brightly. The extras definitely worth the extra investment, as James Robinson has clearly taken great care to share his experience putting together the stellar series. I was particularly intrigued by Robinson’s discussions regarding his activities as a collector and how he incorporated it into Jack’s character. We’ve all been there – and perhaps that’s why we all love Starman so much. I cannot wait for Vol. 2. Trade Mark: A

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craig/benday-dot said...

Nice review. You touch on the best of that volume. Like yourself it took me awhile to get into it too. I think it's because of the sometimes disconcerting syntax Robinson employs. I just found myself rereading passages a lot before it began to sound natural in my head. But overall it was quite enjoyable. I think volume 2 comes out at the end of this month or next. Not sure yet if I can afford it unless I am lucky enough to find a great deal like you did for vol.1. Great work as usual Scott.