Thursday, February 26, 2009

You've Been Warned: Green Arrow #8

Let me set the record straight. I love Mike Grell's Green Arrow. I swear that it helped me keep my sanity during high school. I was almost completely out of comics when the Long Bow Hunters hit the racks and I was hooked. With that said, Green Arrow #8 is a mess. Ollie tracks a drug smuggling operation to Alaska. I believe that the only reason this was done was for an excuse to get him involved with the Iditarod race. If I remember correctly, that race used to get a lot more press back in the late 80s than it does today. It just doesn't fit with the tone of the series at this stage. In addition, the artwork is beyond weak. It's at a fanzine level, and I'm guessing this was one of those 5:00 AM inking jobs Dick Giordano used to do before catching the train to Manhattan. The pencillers needed help and all they got was a very thin line. I re-read this series every few years, and this issue always stands out like a sore thumb.


Argo Plummer said...

I too love Grell's Green Arrow series. Longbow Hunters single-handedly made me a fan of GA and turned me on to Grell as a creator rather than just the guy who drew the Legion in those funky 70's costumes.

This issue does not ring a bell. I recognize the cover, but couldn't tell you anything about the issue. Doesn't speak highly for the issue as I do remember several of the stories even though I haven't reread the series in probably ten years. Can't say it's a bad issue though it certainly is a forgettable one.

Chris Gumprich said...

Oh, that's harsh, Scott... I mean, you've got Ollie in Canada, and there are sled dogs... and drunk guys fighting... um... Asian organized crime (who for some reason stole cars to send them to the Yukon)... did I mention there were sled dogs?

You know what? You're right. Dark spot in a good run.