Monday, March 22, 2010

Charlton Notebook: Yang #8

Yang was Charlton's response to the Kung-Fu craze of the 70s. Borrowing heavily from the David Carradine TV series, it involves the solitary Yang traversing America while locked into an ongoing battle with his nemesis Chao Ku, and his love-hate relationship with the warlord's daughter Yin. To be perfectly honest, that formula grew quite tiresome and this particular issue is a nice change of pace. Yang travels to an anonymous mining town in the 'northwest' to discover that its inhabitants are being terrorized by a figure dressed in wolf skins who has control over pack of wolves. Warren Stadtler's artwork is pretty polarizing for fans, but I quite like it. There are shades of Toth, Ditko and Kubert in these panels. The combination of super villain, whodunit and small town paranoia all work quite well here and this stands out as one of the strongest issues of this series.

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Anonymous said...

I loved Warren Satler's art in the seventies, both at Charlton and in Cracked magazine; while Yang wasn't the most exciting comic book I was buying at the time, it was still a nice low key pleasure, what i've been known to call a cheesburger comic book ie not a full meal, but it fills you up pleasantly when there's nothing better around.

Thanks for reminding me of Yang.

David Simpson