Monday, March 15, 2010

You've Been Warned: Spectre #1

Normally, I'm able to forgive DC for its goofy Silver Age stories, but I cannot bring myself to say anything remotely nice about this one. Even for a DC book from 1967, the issue's premise requires an unprecedented suspension of disbelief. In an attempt to save an Ambassador's life after an assassination attempt, an untested anaesthetic is used. For some reason, he is reincarnated as one of his ancestors, who just so happens to be a notorious pirate. The rest of the story involves assorted attempts by the Spectre and Jim Corrigan to bring this ancestral evil spirit under control. The action includes a car chase, a duel, and a sword that fire cannonballs. The pirate is driven by something called 'megacyclic' energy which gives him a wide variety of powers including the ability to fly and travel through time. You'll be searching for an aspirin by the time the story gets to ancient Sparta and the evil spirit takes over Paris (yet another one of the ambassador's ancestors). I've got a feeling that even ACG would have refused Garner Fox's script - so I find it hard to believe that DC would choose to launch a new series with it. I need to grab a handful of Ostrander/Mandrake books to cleanse the palate afterwards.

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Grey said...

haha crazy days in comicdom, I kinda like those funky mad stories though