Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Comic Book Robot of the Month: The Champ

One thing that is often forgotten when the origin of the Junk Heap Heroes is discussed (wait, does anyone but me actually discuss that?) is the role played by The Champ, an impressive robot built by the top secret US spy agency known as G.E.O.R.G.E. What I love most about The Champ is that he sports the trench coat and fedora look. Just how many robots have try to fool us by wearing outfits such as that? In addition, he was lucky to be design by Dick Dillin. Dillin had a lot of fun with robots, often adding very quirky component. The glowing red eyes and crab claws give The Champ some real character. His task is to defeat the Blackhawks to prove that they are washed up as heroes. He does an excellent job, trash talking along the way. Is he the first trash talking robot? I sees certain similarities between the Champ and the Construct robots created by Dillin for the JLA series in the 70s. I'll tackle those another day.

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