Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Highlighting House Ads: DC in 1966

Even without the Go-Go Checks, 1966 would have been a pretty far out year at DC. This was the year they tried to get super hip with their house ads, and often tried to incorporate the letters 'D' and 'C' into the ads. This a perfect example of the kind of house ad you'd see in summer of 1966. Half page, and on-third page ads were everywhere throughout your average comic. This was a far cry from 10 years earlier when you'd be hard pressed to find a single house ad in a book. A little competition from Stand and the gang will do that to you. Of course, there is plenty of truth in advertising here -as those 80-Page Giants were plenty entertainin'.


Dan said...

I'm hardly the first one to make note of this, but it's a shame that these ads (as well as those for various then-current issues) aren't included in the relevant Showcase Presents collections, which often included half-pages with nothing but the relevant series' logo or whatever.

Scott M said...

I agree - half the fun of old comics are the ads. It gives you a sense of time and place.

joe dec said...

I loved the DC house ads and public service announcement. The made you feel like part of the DC family. In my heart I knew Marvel was something special but DC was a special place.