Monday, April 05, 2010

Steve Ditko Cover of the Week: Micronauts Annual #2

Ditko would seem to be a perfect fit for the Micronauts. He always manages to infuse his action sequences with a good deal of energy and fluidity, and to my eyes that should would work great in Inner Space. For the most part, it does actually work well. This is an action heavy issue and Ditko helps to keep things bouncing along, particularly in the gladiator inspired area battles involving Bug and Acroyear. My only real problem is this cover. The figures seem incredible stiff, and the poses are quite awkward. It is especially weak when compared to the terrific covers Michael Golden was producing for the ongoing series. This 'work for hire' era was not Ditko's finest moment, but this issue is quite decent but the cover leaves a lot to be desired.


Dave said...

At the time, I was much more of a Micronauts fan than a Ditko fan, and I thought this book was some of his weakest work. Looking back, he had a tough job, because the issue involves the 'nauts fighting their toy replicas some he had to show the stiffness of the toys versus the "real" characters, but all in all, it didn't have his usual flair and finish.

GarBut said...

Yeah, I remember this one, and the vs. toyselves bit. Thing with this cover and the alreadymentioned stiffness is: You can't tell which ones ARE toys.