Thursday, April 15, 2010

Exit Stage Left: Rawhide Kid #151

This was really the end of an era, folks. Westerns were a dying breed and this issue represents one of the final nails in the coffin. While the Rawhide Kid had certainly had a good run, the final 6 or 7 years were all reprints. According to the Statement of Ownership, it has been selling at a clip of 89,000 per issue. Could you imagine those numbers today? This is a decent issue, reprinting a story from Rawhide Kid #99, one of the last original stories of the series. It is just a typical 'Johnny Clay trying to get a legitimate job' tale, which never seems to work out. He ends up with two broken hands. The good news is that the back-up here is a nice Outlaw Kid story with gorgeous Doug Wildey art. It's great to see Dave Cockrum doing a western cover. Man, could that guy ever draw! Overall, it is a pretty bittersweet farewell.


Brian Doan said...

I'm trying to remember-- does the Rawhide Kid appear in Englehart's Avengers run (around the 140s, when Hawkeye time-travels back to the Old West)? I'm pretty sure Two-Gun Kid does, but I can't remember who else.

Dan said...

I'm pretty sure he does -- #142 depicts Rawhide, Two-Gun & Kid Colt on the cover.

Scott M said...

Dan's right - very brief appearance. Ghost Rider and Ringo Kid also appear IIRC. Two Gun Kid sticks around longer than the others.