Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You've Been Warned: Marvel Premiere #43

Marvel Premiere #43 features Paladin, the rather intriguing mercenary who first popped up in Daredevil. When I re-read this book not too long ago, I forgot to check the credits, but it didn't take me long to realize that it was written by Don McGregor, the man who still thought he was being paid by the word. What a mess! If today's generation ever wants to point to excess exposition in the Bronze Age, this is the perfect piece of evidence. The dialogue, especially that spouted by the villain, is clunky beyond belief. Now, I normally loooooove Tom Sutton's artwork, but it just doesn't work here. Perhaps it's the color job or just the shoddy production, but everything gets blurred together and it is extremely difficult to follow. In the right hands, this could have worked out as a decent story. As it stands, I can only recommend that you avoid it at all costs.


Jeremy A. Patterson said...

While this book may be terrible, it did not stop Marvel from tossing Paladin in occaisional back-ups in the pages of Marvel Comics Presents!


joe dec said...

I remember loving this issue. I think I had a soft spot for the character because of his Daredevil appearence ( didn't Infantino draw that ???).