Friday, July 09, 2010

Charlton Notebook: Texas Rangers in Action #65

I really like this Rocke cover. His cover designs are underappreciated in my not so humble opinion. In the opening story (Shadow of Glory) Ranger Dave Tobin is injured by a Comanche spear. He refuses to quit active duty and brings in a wanted man. Next up is an early (the first?) Man Called Loco story. I love this strip; Denny O'Neil's story are a step above normal Charlton fare, and Pete Morisi's artwork really stands out. Finally, we have another story with Nicholas/Alascia artwork. It's Riley's Ranger feature about an outlaw named Lobo Jones who rules with an iron fist (backed by a pack of wolves). The Rangers are captured, but escape and manage to defeat the wolves. Some lame humour is thrown in at the end, when it is revealed that one Ranger is more afraid of bats than wolves. It a typical Charlton book with some good stuff (the Loco story) and some other stuff that seems about 10 years behind the times.

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