Monday, July 05, 2010

Single Issue Hall of Fame: Kull the Conqeror #2 (1982)

I'm far from a Robert E. Howard expert, and have had very little exposure to the world of Kull over the years, but this book (which was a recent dollar bin find) completely blew me away. This 48 page epic begins with a bang, as Kull asserts himself against some thieves. For the rest of the issue, he wears a heavy crown as diplomatic problems are not dispatched so easily. Ultimately, he arranges for a politically advantageous wedding, but things do not go according to plan. In the end, Kull convinces his two political rival to join him in an exciting werewolf hunt. Doug Moench's writing is efficient and strong, and John Bolton's artwork is nothing short of gorgeous. His work reminds me of Gray Morrow. This is top notch stuff all around; a superb standalone book that has me searching for the first issue.


Taranaich said...

That's a Doug Moench comic: if you enjoyed it, I can't recommend the original Howard stories enough. If you'd rather stick to comic format, Dark Horse has reprints of the old Marvels out now with introductions by REH scholar Mark Finn.

Scott M said...

I have a collection of Kull stories on bedside table. Hoping to tackle it at some point this summer.