Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trade Marks: Sweet Tooth - Out of the Woods

Jeff Lemire has had the Midas touch over the past few years, and it continues with sweet tooth. I picked up the first issue for a buck last year, but didn't have the time or energy to keep up with it as a monthly. A local store had a copy of this trade for five bucks, so I scooped it up. One of Lemire's greatest talents is his ability to create a very convincing reality. We are introduced to Sweet Tooth and his world in a manner that leaves many unanswered questions. The real joy is the process of piecing together the puzzle. We are immediately drawn to the innocent protagonist, and fear for his well being due to the sense of impending doom that Lemire infuses into the atmosphere. Certain elements seem to be a bit derivative of Walking Dead, but the questions surrounding the mutant children will keep me coming back for more. Trade Mark: B+

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