Monday, July 12, 2010

Harvey Pekar 1939-2010

I just heard that Harvey Pekar passed away. This news should not come as too much of a shock, as he was very public about his battle with cancer, but I can't help but be surprised. Pekar snuck up on me, as he did the world. He was a man who needed to tell stories about his life, and luckily for us found a way to get those stories produced. When people think of comics, they don't tend to think of stories starring a cynical Cleveland file clerk, but Harvey changed all of that. He was able to turn minutiae into entertainment, and became the grumpy old uncle that we all want to hang out with - at least every now and then. I'm glad that the film American Splendor gave him a broader audience, as it inspired numerous discussions about what can be achieved via comic books. I thank Harvey for his contributions to the medium. We are all richer for having been exposed to his work. Rest in Peace, Harv.

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