Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Charlton Notebook: Space Adventures #7

There's a moment in Charlton history, right in the middle of the transition from old to new, when the comics seem to coexist in two different eras. Although this book was published in 1969, it seems to come from that period in 1966. At times it is still quite staid, but it also features some hard sci-fi and some fresh art talent. This book some interesting stories with intergalactic war, artificial intelligence and one with a twist ending featuring a peaceful Earth. It is a vast improvement on the early 60s books filled with Bill Molno artwork and lettering by A Machine. These are not the modern stories by Skeates and O'Neil drawn by the likes of Aparo and Ditko, but Pat Boyette and Dick Giordano give it a more updated look, and the subject matter is more sophisticated. The presence of Nicholas and Alascia, as well as some of the lettering, makes me feel as though some of these stories came from inventory. It just doesn't feel like 100% pure Charlton circa 1969.

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Dan said...

The first -- &, I'm pretty sure -- only issue of the title I bought off the spinner racks, as it happens, though I've since acquired most of 'em.