Thursday, December 02, 2010

Steve Ditko Cover of the Week: Scary Tales #11

What I really like most about this cover is how the main figures are perfectly centaured. Bad puns aside, I must admit that this is not one of Sturdy Steve's better efforts of the 70s. Actually, it's not a true cover at all, as it is a retouched mirror image of the final panel of the 5-page story 'Unicorn'. A tree stump has been added and the rocky hill on which the unicorn stands has been expanded considerably, as the image really needed to be 'stretched' vertically to fit the dimensions of a cover. I'd love to see the original cover, as it would be a real mash-up of stats and ink. The concept is actually quite fun, and I really like the unicorn in the background, but the human portions of the centaurs are just too stiff looking, and the male's head is wicked small. Ditko's figures lost some of their fluidity from time to time, and it really grabs your attention in all the wrong ways.

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