Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You've Been Warned: Brave and the Bold #71

You'd think this one would appeal to me. It's from my all-time favourite series and stars my #1 and #3 favourite characters. The pair have certain had some good team-ups over the years, but this ain't one of them. The real culprit here is father time. This story has dated sooooo badly. The plot has a Native American angle, and from the moment Batman declares "Holy Peacepipes", you know you're not in for a very racially sensitive story. I actually like the pre-O'Neil/Adams goofy Green Arrow with the bolo arrows and such, but too much of this tale focuses on a convoluted contest and features one of the lamer villains to appear in this series: The Promoter. The whole thing, from Haney's cornball dialogue to George Papp's simplistic artwork, feels like it should have been published in 1957 rather than 1967. If you are trying to complete a B&B run like I did over 20+ years, you may need to buy this one. Otherwise, spend your money elsewhere.

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joe dec said...

I loved the simple George Papp artwork. His Superboys were simple and save. He will always have a warm place in my childhood memories.